Stanhope November 2016

Field Day and AGM November 2016 – Stanhope


Turpentine Plantation

Turpentine Plantation


Quality Stems

Quality Stems

An inspiring day which shows just what can be achieved through dedication and hard work. Phil and Heather have planted an extensive portion of their property. The excellent Turpentine plantation appears unique – no one else in the group had seen a Turpentine plantation elsewhere!


The property is located high on hills overlooking the hunter valley with a 1200mm rainfall, high winds and a climate very different from the valley floor.


Phil and Heather have developed planting techniques suitable for their topography and climate and are designing plantings to replace lost diversity. A feature of their work is meticulous planning, research and record keeping.

A few remaining old growth trees on the property are testament to what used to be. A unique property in a spectacular location, complete with a shady rotunda for the AGM.

Old Growth Spotted Gum

Old Growth Spotted Gum

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